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What is Facebook by Rehan Allahwala in English

Hey My Name Is Rehan and I want to tell you more about facebook
facebook is a portal where you came and you came had a private space of yourself and tell more about who you are and what you do share with people
around the world, different think you can
for example, you use Picasa maybe you use to email your friends your picture you send
those picture you sent those picture to your friends however what facebook allow to you
sending the picture to your friends you just upload all your picture and
all your facebook friends can see those photo
a facebook is a meeting place you keep tech with your friends you keep tech
with your family
share what you doing you allow it with them you ask them any problems you have
you share your knowledge with them
and they share knowledge with you and you have a problem, for example, you can’t send SMS
to every single person via phone book similarly to everyone you know
on facebook everyone you know so your friends can see you and check this thing
hay if you have this problem I having the solution of this problem
so somebody who you knew comment on it
okay you should try this
you should try this
now you can get from those different ideas
and basically it is a free advice
and facebook has a very closer part of trade lifestyle
and people who you want to check who are friends
and they looking job anywhere they also post on facebook
Hey I am looking job anywhere
so you can touch with your friends
you teachers and Different people
so please come in join today facebook
it very easily you can make id and
very simple you can make facebook id via mobile phone nad email you have
that it’s very easy
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