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An Easy way to Learn English ! by Rehan Allahwal

How did I learn English
An easy way to learn English is by listening to Audio Books, and Good Newscasters. This is how I learned it, how will You?

when I was in class 9 and 10 class

when I was in class 9 and 10 class
So that Time I was Bought my own business in Tariq road
and there I was repairing computer
so that time I don’t know much about repairing but that time was my mentor his name is
Rafeeq Shaikh and good will be blessed him
and he said to me you remove Ic and then set I will teach you more about next when you do this
so I did there is the motherboard
So I practiced every two-three hours
so how to remove Ic and set ic
so after three weeks I was very well
in how to remove and beck to set
on the motherboard a print circle board over hair
and those connect is removing so then the cable didn’t remove from me
so then I was a very good Ic remover and fitting Wala
Cnn News Listening story
so when I was doing these task also I have a small tv 2inch
so on the tv was showing CNN on that time so that time is no tv available in the market
so was play the CNN and left So on the CNN was continue showing news
so three hours daily every single day I was practices
so CNN was listening on that time three hours daily
I was not listening to I am doing my task some word I was listed and some left
same like people play music same like I was played CNN and setting over hair and
that CNN I think to make my English very batter
I am listening very easily and then I gave the TOEFL exam after two year
so that was my English is pretty good
And That How I learn English
my English teacher was not very good in school and I am also not a very good student
but my thinking how I learned English and also
Suggestion for English Leaning
this is my suggestion to all of you
you keep on your mobile phone one audio book or Ted videos
if how much time you are going in the car and on a bike on bus or airplane any
think you do you listen to those and then do the job if you never know any think
so you can keep in mind some few word on your mind
if you read or listen to the first time full book you saved five present
if you listen the second time so increase five to seven if you
listen third time you will increase seven to ten
if you listen four-times you will increase ten to fifteen
same like this over and over you will listen
so you will fifteen sixteen and seventeen percent
you will understand the book and that word you don’t understand so you can ask someone
brother what is meaning of this so he will tell you if
he can’t tell you can google it now today every phone is available to google
so this is my way how was learned English
and my thinking is if you start same like this
if you want to learn from CNN and from your friends if
you want from audio books
I think you will learn very good English from this
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