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How To Go live Facebook from Your Computer Via OBS


What is Obs ?


Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source Software for video recording and lives  video Streaming

More about You can read on Wikipedia 


What will be you Lean in This Tutorial

In this Tutorial I will teach you about live facebook video from your profile and page and group

this is very easy and very simple

You saw on many pages there is going live seminar and live meeting

and also you have video and you want to I will post on live facebook

and youtube and you thinking about it how it possible for me

so don’t worry it is very easy and very quickly you can do easily

Many people Asking about How To Make Live video on facebook from your Pc


if you use mac or Linux and windows

few step it very easy to do this, first of all, you need to Download and install OBS Studio
This is Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

How To Download Obs  ?



first of all, go to this site https://obsproject.com/ and click download button so Download it



How To Install Obs ?


install very easy step you can install on your PC

fo-obs-studio-install-1 go to your download folder and double click or open


then click screen will be showing


and asking a Question about your plan agree or beck cancel so you

click on agree on the bottom







and then show next screen welcome to Obs studio click on


next button
and then it will be going on the process
and finally came finish button you click on it
and your Obs finally successfully installed on your PC

How To Run OBS program

after Successfully Installation you go to the

start then go all program and then click OBS

so it will be open like this


so this is a very easy way to install OBS and open OBS


How To Start your Live Video from your PC to facebook or youtube and any other site 

first, you go to open OBS and then

same like we show you on above

then you go on click

2 source Botten

And click right Button so show you add button to click on it

then will show you many options

you will click on game capture

video capture from your device to live click on


and then click on setting button


you go the setting

after setting go to the broadcasting


and click on it

and click mode live streaming

and then go to this site

This is wesite

and select  Create Live Stream To Facebook

then show your windows pope


In New Tabe and select where are you posting your live video

mean you gonna be live from facebook profile

and you gonna be live from page

and you wanna be live from your facebook group

select it and then Next

So next tab


will give you URL and key ,

You just copy And Past it on your OBScp

and click apply Botten and Okey




you just Go on your facebook tab where you get URL and key

and check so there will be available a button

and show you go live

you click on it and then check so you will be gonna live


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