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Introduction PHP Tutorial ! By Iqbal Trainer

Hey My Name Is Iqbal Trainer
In This Tutorial we will Learn a very Famous Language  is called by Php 
Introduction PHP
Now Today I will tell you about PHP in this course,
and Welcome to you my Course
I hope It is will be good for you
Now today is growing using PHP And wonderful server language will encourage
will be an encouraged we will learn and do something as a web developer
and also explore that
so basically about that it is My little bit habit I will show you
and introducing I am doing last 2 years as PHP developer but now I am
like a child in this failed
Now I am also a student
but what I know I will share with you and I will learn from my mistakes
and from you comments
if you think anywhere I did mistake so please point out
and share with me so it will be batter for me in the future
who will join this course
This course for those people who want to learn PHP
from start and very beginners
but those who did work on HTML and javascript
and Now those wanted to learn server side language
Hamble Request before starting the course
Before This course most important You have command on HTML
if you don’t Know HTML so please first Learn HTML and then
start to learn this course so it’s will be batter for you
And HTML is very easy Language anyone can learn easily
and perform something on it
So please first learn
HTML Then Come To learn PHP
with Out HTML web development as like you want to read car but
you don’t Have Key
Q.A if you say what is requirement to learn Html it is auto create
if you think to what is the requirement to learn Html it is auto create
Dreamweaver or front page etc it is miss understanding
Because You want To create something and you don’t know what is going on
beck End , And Some time Some error you fixed only from code
and also PHP code Is Embedded in HTML
let’s Go to Start Php
 what Is Php ?
Php as A web Development Language
Php Got from Hypertext preprocessor
The Orignal name is personal Home Page
So till now many people think Php Got it

So it’s growing usage it’s changed his name and via community, vote gives the vote  gives the vote  it a new name so we told you above

So Php is A Server Side Language
it is embedded in HTML Like an ASP
But it is Not like  a Html if you work on Html
you Know HTML, not a programming Language
Html Is using for web Designing and Html Is a rendering Language
it is using in a web page for images and links and text
tables with full formatting on a page it very best
but in HTML don’ have any command it  calculate two numbers or
make the connection with a Database
who will learn PHP very quickly and easily
so those friends who already worked on ASP
PHP is Not issue for those
because these are very similars
In code And function
most of the people are say PHP is copied from asp
but is not true
because PHP made by 1994 and asp after introduced by Microsoft
please Leave a comment and share

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  1. very useful information produced by you dear Trainer Muhammad Iqbal Sahib. Allah s w t bless you for this act of kindness

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