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The Interesting Story Of Abdul Wali Khan ! Master Trainer Of PHP

The Interesting Story Of Abdul wali khan when He used to sell Biryani, and then he Discovered Compooter, (computer) and it changed his and lives of thousands of others and made him a wealthy man.
it is the very interesting story in 2006 when I used to sell biryani and I have a biryani stall
in a very poor area in Karachi called baldia Tawon in the N4 Bus stop
The bus driver and conductors used to come and eat biryani from my biryani stall
a conductor he is my friend he came with me and said I bought a computer
and I said and thinking I listened to the computer but we called Compooter in the Pashto language
and also I listen to this is the time of the computer is coming
so I said this is a very danger person because he bought a computer
I used to think about his because he bought a computer
I didn’t have on my mind and my memory because when ever be able to use computer
using it very far I will be sewing , I will see what is this and how it work
so he said I bought a computer I sent congratulation to him and you are gentlemen
then he said but the little bit issues on my computer CPU
so I asked what is CPU and I confused he said in computer main thing is CPU
Monitor is good But in CPU had an issue
the I asked what is monitor he said it also computer
and then he said I forgot mouse and keyboard in shop wich I bought the computer
so I confused more and I asked what is mouse and keyboard
you bought a computer or group of people
so he said it part of the computer so I said it is okay
so the end of the conversation he said, brother, I bought a computer but windows not installed in my computer
then I asked brother what is a window then he said it is a software
I asked what is a software, this is a true I will tell you what he said so I asked what is this
because in my mind computer is one thing and he said four five seven things what are these
I asked these are chilled off a computer , or what are these
and then he suggests some software name like photoshop I will install it in my computer any other software I want to install it
so stopped him and I said, brother, please sorry I didn’t catch are these things I am going to crazy
I don’t have the capacity to get are these things you go far
I just listen computer word a computer you can do anything in computer
so I said kindly stop it because I didn’t know computer and I don’t have any plan to learn computer
and I can’t learn computer but will in the future when my child so I will teach to my child
so they will use the computer it is 2006 , 10 years beck
I said I never do because on my mind your parent didn’t do you also didn’t do
so I said my father sells biryani so  I will follow my parent
so on my mind, I didn’t and can’t do and I never do use the computer
but after one year the computer is front of me and I was using a computer
and after one year from this, I was teaching the computer to other people
and after one year from this, I was teaching computer all in Pakistan
first I was teaching in my area then I was teaching in all in Pakistan
and after 3 or 4 years later I was famous in internet computer I used to make money from internet and computer
How was possible for me are these things?
How was possible for me are these thinks because never said anyone me you so this and never anyone believed my you can do this
so anyone who around us they used to say this is not your task you never do this
and also our mind we can not do it, it is not our job
we thinking about our child we will teach those and we will motivate those learn computer
and after three years in 2009, I was realized you can do this and you can do more from these
it only believes on me
if I go beck I look my background in 2016 I have a lot of knowledge
it’s mean knowledge I don’t have space in my capacity
who is Genius today ?
same like Rehan Allahwala always said in today genius is who expert in forgotten thing and new learn new thing
those people geniuses because avert single day is coming new things
so I said you also I have learned a lot of things
now it’s forgotten is very difficult for me
Summary of story
So the summary of this
I didn’t have to believe then I got believe I will do this
who did this they are also human bing like for us same food they eat same water that eats same sleeping all things is similar
so when I feel yes he did and also I can do
so then I did
Q.A About English
if you talk about English so English we knew only those word
who we used to listen from Indian films
thank you welcome to shut up same like the few word I knew because Indian films all we were watching
I never think about English I will learn English
in today I can talk in English with anybody
I can speak, I have been to many countries to 8 or 9 countries and I intend to go to more countries and I can speak English
and I can make my way anywhere in the world!
That not possible for me on that time
Thank You very Much
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  1. Well written article thanks for sharing this knowledge .

  2. an amazing personality i have ever seen, a new approach to earn money …

  3. Thanks bro . keep it up . bet of luck

  4. Simply I say that don’t be afraid of challenges and don’t fed up from your life.What ever the position you are on and what ever the condition of your self,just focus on your self,recognize your talent and study,learn new things and make your own path so that success and money will follow you i believe.

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