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The Story Of Mr. Rehan Allahwala !

Mr. Rehan Allahwala is the founder and president of super Technologies  incorporated the united states based company started in the field of software  solutions for the telecom industry,

Mr Rehan Allahwala


Who is Rehan Allah Wala ?

He Is an entrepreneur with the seemingly in the satisfiability appetite  for starting new businesses at the age of 13 he founded his first company in Pakistan computer  in Pakistan and by the age of 16

 Mr. Rehan Allahwala Companies

He created commodore computer accessories including police digitizes modems speed  increases mostly were in hight school now he is the president and CEO  of different companies around the world including united states Malaysia Singapore Dubai Europe and Pakistan some of his apparent in most significant wingers on
Didx dot net
Virtual Phoneline
Super phone
Muntwo Videos productions
Techistan Magazine
Tv Pakistan
Paki Dotcom |
health Management System
Building Managment system
School Management system And
Supertec Foundation
Rehan Foundation
Here Is The List Of Rehan Allah Wala’s Projects
      Rehan Air rehanair.net
Rehan Art rehanart.com
Rehan Bank rehanbank.com
Rehan Cafe rehancafe.com
Rehan Cars rehancars.com
Rehan Computers rehancomputers.com
Rehan Flowers rehanflowers.com
Rehan Foods rehanfoods.com
Rehan Fruits rehanfruits.com
Rehan Greens rehangreens.com
Rehan Keys rehankeys.com
Rehan Mobile rehanmobile.com
Rehan Paper rehanpaper.com
Rehan Textile rehantextile.com
Rehan Toys rehantoys.com
Rehan Cleaning rehancleaning.com
Rehan Events rehanevents.com
Rehan Toons rehantoons.com
Rehan Samosa rehansamosa.com
Rehan School rehanschool.com
Rehan Comedy rehancomedy.com
Rehan Construction rehanconstruction.com
Rehan Energy rehanenergy.com
Rehan Estate rehanestate.com
Rehan Furniture rehanfurniture.com
Rehan Gems rehangems.com
Rehan Garbage rehangarbage.com
Rehan Ads rehanads.com
Rehan BBQ rehanbbq.com
Rehan Bus rehanbus.com
Rehan Dairy rehandairy.com
Rehan Garments rehangarments.com
Rehan Hotel rehanhotel.com
Rehan Mall rehanmall.com
Rehan Park rehanpark.com
Rehan Saloon rehansaloon.com
Rehan Taxi rehantaxi.com
Rehan Hosting rehanhosting.com
Rehan Jobs rehanjobs.com
Rehan Jokes rehanjokes.com
Rehan leather rehanleather.com
Rehan Logistics rehanlogistics.com
Rehan Pharma rehanpharma.com
Rehan Photos rehanphotos.com
Rehan Roti rehanroti.com
Rehan Soap rehansoap.com
Rehan Solar rehansolar.com
Rehan Therapy rehantherapy.com
Rehan Birds rehanbirds.com
Rehan Rice rehanrice.com
Rehan Mango rehanmango.com
Rehan Cirtrus rehancitrus.com
Rehan Health rehanhealth.com
Rehan Juice rehanjuice.com
Rehan Cards rehancards.com
Rehan Electric rehanelectric.com
Rehan University rehanu.com
Rehan Apps rehanapps.com
Rehan Trading rehantrading.com
Rehan Autos rehanautos.com
Rehan Consulting rehanconsulting.com
Rehan Bread rehanbread.com
Rehan Milk rehanmilk.com
Rehan Honey rehanhoney.com
Rehan Water rehanwater.com
Rehan Marketing rehanmarketing.com
Rehan Jams rehanjams.com
Rehan Poultry rehanpoultry.com
Rehan Sports rehansports.com
Rehan maids rehanmaids.com
Rehan Books rehanbooks.com
Rehan Trains rehantrains.com
Rehan Money rehanmoney.com
Rehan Sweets rehansweets.com
Mango Trains mangotrain.org
Rehan Law rehanlaw.com
Rehan Pan rehanpan.com
Rehan Mines rehanmines.com
Mr. Rehan AllahWala Expertise


Mr. Rehan Allahwala
Is The expert In the field of VoIP ERP Systems CRM Systems Architecture VoIP Network Design And International Marketing He Regularly Speaks on These Topics in conferences and seminars around the world, 
Mr. Rehan Allahwala
is A contributor in philanthropic works and supports various NGO’s and charity foundations he also founded the super Tec Foundation with the mission to eradicate poverty from the world, in this process, he has started real school and University and Rehan Training and he creates 100 Small businesses models that can be started with only one hundred dollars with a goal of creating one million Businesses at least in the next few years he has said let’s create a platform that unites humanity and  creates a quality like never before,


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