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Invention and inventors By Iqbal Trainer

Invention  In This Chapter, I will tell you About and explain inventions,

Explain Why inventory are important ?
identify the qualities and attributes of an inventor,
identify major objects invented and Thair investors over the last century
imagine how life would be without any one major invention?

look around you ,what can you see,

Do you Know that most of these things did not exist many many years age  they were all created or invented by someone,

anything new in the word made by people is an invention,
it can be the discovery or creation of somethings new a new process or a new use for an existing material any improvement in any of these is also an invention ,can you think of some latest inventions
for example telephone line or mobile smartphone airplane and car motorcycle solar energy,

How people invent things?


Classify invention That improved farming household chores space exploration and communication,
Compose a paragraph about Thair favorite invention predict how an invention could change life in the future,

Most of the things we use small things like pin and pencils safety and large things like automobiles and airplanes
were all invention?
How do they take Thair ideas and turn them into new and useful things?
here are three stories of how things were invented.

Wanting To Know Why Something Happened can lead a person to invent something.


A man who was an engineer and lived in Switzerland, liked to climb mountains one day he went mountain climbing he noticed that many
burrs were stuck to his clothes
He thought about what made the burrs stick so tightly to his clothes,
He looked at a burr closely he saw that each spine on the burr had a little hook at the end!
These hooks stuck in the threads of his clothes,
this gave him an idea he imagined making strips of little hooks and strips of looped threads for them to stick to he thought this
would be a good way to stick things together, and still be able to pull them apart.
people laughed at his idea but the did not give up the idea of making the strips of hooks and loops after many many tries
he did it he called his invention Velcro
Today we use Velcro to fasten shoes in wallets and in many other ways the man is George de mistral and he is the inventor of Velcro

wanting to address a need can lead a person to invent something.




A yang boy loved to ice-skate His ears, However ,
were very sensitive to the freezing cold of winter he wanted to find a way to keep his ears warm so he could enjoy ice-skating
what he invented was earmuffs when he was just fifteen years old!
when he wore them on his friends laughed at him, However when they realized that he was able to stay
outside skating long after the had gone inside freezing,
they stopped laughing instead they asked him to make ear covers for them too
the young boy who invented the earmuffs was Chester greenwood ,
Chester kept improving the quality of the earmuffs he established greenwood’s ear protector factory for the next 60 years
Chester is factory made earmuffs and earmuffs made Chester rich,

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