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What is Perl is a Programming language

Perl is a Programming Language

Perl is a Programming Language and that means simply that it’s a language for defining computer programs
Perl is an interpreted language which means that there is a runtime system that requires that the source code be present
at the time that it’s run, of course, there are other ways to run Perl you can use something like mod Perl if you see it
as a limitation, there are ways to get around this but in its native form

Perl is an interpreted language and the source code

must be present at the time that you run the script or program Perl was designed for text processing Perl originally came from the UNIX world
and it was designed to replace a number of other utilities that are commonly used in UNIX systems for system administration
and scripting and building small applications and as such it’s good at processing text because virtually
all of the configuration files in a UNIX system the way that you do things on a UNIX system is by manipulating text removing text
around that made it well-suited for internet work because the internet grew out of the same culture and a great deal of
what goes on  the internet is dealing with plain text files and Perl is exceptionally good at that and for that reason you
see a lot of Perl scripts on the internet you see a lot of web applications built in Perl that sort of work is often done in Perl

Perl is a general-purpose high-level language

and what that means is that you can generally do a lot of things with
Perl, you can build all kinds of different applications and as a high-level language that means that it’s relatively easier to use
that a lower-level language something like C or assembly language or something like that the Perl is a little bit easier
to get into a little bit easier to use a little bit easier for a novice to read Perl has a very simple and very flexible syntax
this means that there is often more than one way to do it, in fact, there’s more than one way to do it is one of the slow Hogan’s in the

perl world and it’s often pronounced Tim Toady

if you look at the letters that abbreviate those words and if you cross your eyes just
so you can see the words team Cody in it Perl is sometimes also called the Swiss Army chainsaw of programming languages because it is
so very very flexible and so very very powerful that you can do a lot of things
that you might have not even thought of doing something like
Perl and you can do them easily and quickly with very little coding finally

Perl with a lowercase P is the interpreter the runtime environment

for the Perl language so we’re going to take a moment here and take a look at the Perl program itself so here
I have a command line on a Macintosh which is basically
a UNIX system with a really slick front end if you’re running on a PC or on some other system just do whatever it is that you normally
do to bring up a command line and these commands will work exactly the same type the word Perl with dash V and that’s a lowercase V and
what this does is it runs the Perl program and it gives me the version number so this is the

Perl that comes with Mac OS version point

and this is Perl version point zero which is almost the latest version as the time that we’re recording this five point ten points one is out
now but I could upgrade if I want but it’s really not necessary the program Perl all lowercase letters is the Perl interpreter itself and
if I use a capital V we get a whole lot more information about how it’s compiled and what libraries are included and
what options is it’s like a very very detailed version string and if I change directories into my exercise files here I can actually run
a script I have a hello dot PL and I can type Perl and hello dot PL and it will run the program so that in a nutshell is
what Perl is with a lowercase P it’s the runtime environment or the interpreter for the Perl language,


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